What is a merchant account? - Do I need one to accept card payments?
To accept payment by credit or debit card you do require a merchant account. Basically a merchant account acts a bridge between your business and the card terminal, allowing payments to be taken via the terminal and ending up in the bank account of your choice. When the payment is processed through the terminal, the payment goes through the merchant account and a small transaction charge is taken for providing this service. These charges can vary massively depending on the deal your company has signed up for - this is where Crystals Merchant Services has sourced extremely competitive rates to save your company money.

I don't have a merchant account - what do I do to arrange one?
Our dedicated merchant team will take your enquiry and quickly process the relevant paperwork required to help you get your account set-up. Normally a new account application takes around 10 days to process, and once your application is approved you can start taking payment straight away as soon as your terminal is installed.

I currently have a merchant account and accept card payments?
Crystals Merchant Services have negotiated market-leading transaction processing costs and terminal solutions. We can analyse your current charges and provide you with a free, no-obligation confidential report - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting us have a look at your current agreement.

Can I accept payments over the phone, or by mail order or internet?
These are all common methods of accepting payment by card and can be set-up easily.

How much does it cost?
There are basically two costs to consider - the purchase or rental of your terminal and the transaction cost to process your payment received. Terminals costs vary depending on your requirements, but can normally be rented for only a few pounds a week. Transaction charges vary also, depending on industry sector and volume of transactions. Crystals Merchant Services work with one of Europe's top acquiring banks and offer extremely competitive processing rates - we currently reduce the costs in over 90% of the accounts that we look at.

Which card types can I process?
All of the major credit, debit and charge cards including MasterCard, Delta, Diners Club, EDC/Maestro, Electron, JCB, Solo, American Express, Style, Switch, Visa and Visa Purchasing cards in addition to many other specific card types.

Can I accept foreign currencies?
Our platform handles multi-currencies for up to 130 different currencies for transaction processing, including direct end to end settlement for the following 13 currencies - Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Danish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner, New Zealand Dollar, South African Rand and Hong Kong Dollar.

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The Facts
Accepting Cards
Over recent years payment by card has become the norm – in fact most people expect it.
are fast becoming a thing of the past with payments being made by card the preferred choice.
Having the facility to accept payment by card enables the retailer to maximise every potential sales opportunity.
Open Up New Markets
Retailers can sell via the internet, face to face, by post, by phone or by fax – regardless of how they get the sale, we have an easy solution to get the payment processed.
Speed & Security
Accepting payment by card improves cash flow, has increased security with in-built fraud protection guarantees, and also increases security with less cash to handle.