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The Facts
Accepting Cards
Over recent years payment by card has become the norm – in fact most people expect it.
are fast becoming a thing of the past with payments being made by card the preferred choice.
Having the facility to accept payment by card enables the retailer to maximise every potential sales opportunity.
Open Up New Markets
Retailers can sell via the internet, face to face, by post, by phone or by fax – regardless of how they get the sale, we have an easy solution to get the payment processed.
Speed & Security
Accepting payment by card improves cash flow, has increased security with in-built fraud protection guarantees, and also increases security with less cash to handle.
At Crystals Merchant Services we understand the importance of having a secure, reliable, cost-effective merchant processing facility. That is why we only offer market-leading technology, backed by a robust, comprehensive support structure.

Regardless of your payment processing requirements, we have a solution to suit your needs and various terminal options to suit.

Counter Top (fixed) Terminals
Ideal for retail environment, used in millions of retailers, the terminal has a large back-lit display and easy to use keypad.

Virtual Terminals
A powerful, but easy to use application which allows the merchant to accept payment on any computer connected to the internet, an ideal for taking transactions over the phone or for retailers that operate at different locations.

Mobile GPRS Terminals
A truly portable terminal which transacts the data securely over of phone signal via a mobile network SIM card. These are perfect for exhibitions, trade-shows, or field based sales. Authorisation on these types of terminal is extremely fast (usually within 10 seconds).

Portable Terminals
An ideal solution where the terminal is taken to the customer, i.e. restaurants, bars and the hospitality sector. A base unit controls multiple terminals and the transaction is done right in front of the customer using all the normal security compliances. The terminals are easy to use for both the retail staff and the customer.

Mobile Phone Solutions
A simple application is added to your mobile phone to allow payment to be taken securely and quickly, regardless of your location. No terminal is required and the customer can be automatically emailed a receipt direct from the system ideal for tradesmen, field sales staff, and mobile workers such as taxi drivers, delivery staff, van sales, etc.

Our terminal range includes the latest connectivity technology (3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IP, PSTN) ensuring we can provide the best fit solution for your payment processing needs.

E-Commerce is one of the fastest moving market sectors for card payment processing. Crystals Merchant Services allows your company the facility to easily accept payment securely over the internet. Our solution is cost effective, fast, reliable and secure. Using our integrated solutions you can accept online payments from anywhere at any time (open up new sales channels) worldwide if you like - by utilising our multi-currency facility.

Regardless of your Payment Service Provider, Crystals Merchant Services can look at your existing transaction costs and usually save you money without any disruption to your normal business processing.